SYgerks Dip Station Chin Up Bar Core Power Tower Pull Push Dip Stand Workout Station Fitness Equipment for Home Gym (Black)


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Brand: SYgerks

Color: Black


  • Material: Steel + PU + foam
  • Product Dimensions: 97x90x155-230cm/38.19×35.43×61-90.55in
  • Product Weight: 19kg/41.89lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 150kg/330lbs
  • Five height-adjustable pull-up rods can be adjusted according to your own needs, and its height adjustment range is 61 “-90.55”. Meet people of different heights

Details: Description:
Power Tower is a versatile dip station fitness equipment for weight training at home, gym or office.
With this multifunctional immersion station, you can perform parallel and parallel bars, pull-ups, push-ups, arm support, vertical knee lift, swivel waist twist, ring pull chest, cantilever abdominal exercise, drawstring and other abdominal muscles, arms, back , Chest, shoulder and leg muscle movements.
The immersion station consists of a sturdy steel frame and a figure-eight base, with a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs, so it is more stable and safer.
The extended steel forms a total of 4 reinforced support points and 4 round large-area non-slip foot covers, which increase the contact area, increase friction and provide dual stability.
The armrest of this immersion station is tilted inward 10 degrees to prevent the arm from slipping out during exercise.
To ensure that they do not shake, our oil immersion stations use lock nuts to hold the tightened screws instead of welding techniques.
When doing pull-ups, the distance between the body and the main frame is 8 inches to ensure that the knees do not hit the vertical bars.
Package Included:
1×Power Tower